Gamification – 8. maj 2013

Different perspectives on gamification were introduced, ranging from “puzzling” with exer games to game based learning and discussions about serious games vs. gamification.

Speakers were: Jørgen Jabob Friis (Syddansk Universitet), Paul Pivec (Pivec Labs), Gunver Majgaard (Syddansk Universitet), Andreas Lieberoth (Aarhus Universitet), and Simon Engenfeldt Nielsen (Serious Games).

53 participants in EAL Facilities at Odense Havn

Jørgen Jakob Friis: Open ended rules design for exer games

Paul Pivec, PhD: Game Based Learning

Gunver Majgaard, PhD: Gamification

Andreas Lieberoth, PhD

Simon Engenfeldt Nielsen, PhD: Closing presentation